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Professional Bike Fitting

Your ideal ride position for comfort and performance.

Professional Bike Fitting

Reduce your injury risk, and increase cycling comfort and performance through our professional bike fitting service. We focus on your movement limitations as well as your bike adjustments to create the optimal cycling position for you.


£180 per session.


3 hours

What to expect:

Discussing your road or time trial cycling goals.
Assessing your physical qualities and limitations.
Before, optimal, and end of session positions.
Video and manual analysis of your body position – before and after fit.
Recommendations for necessary equipment adjustments.
Injury prevention plan for your optimal position.
Follow up discussion and minor adjustments.
Personalised report.
Our unique, time-saving rotating platform!

Ready To Book?

If you are ready to make an appointment you can book online using the link below. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can contact us on 0161 706 0736, or e-mail us on contact@m20health.com