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Nutrition and Health Testing

Nutrition and Health Testing

Understanding your health and planning your nutrition is vital for optimal immune system function, weight management and exercise performance. Many people feel confused and misinformed about what we should do to improve nutrition and health wellbeing. This wastes time, money and energy in trying different diets, strategies, or products with unsupported claims. 

At M20 Health we strongly believe that quality nutrition and accurate data analysis should all go hand-in-hand to inform health strategies. Analysing your diet is only part of our nutrition and health services. Not knowing anything about your internal (cellular and metabolic) environment, leaves you guessing how successful your dietary changes will be. 

We provide reliable testing which gives you data about your nutritional and physiological health.

Our Plans Include:

Nutrient guidance.
Balanced choices.
Hydration guidance.
Foods for training and recovery.

Zinzino Omega 6:3 Cell Health Balance Test

Find out about your current cellular health and immune protection via a red blood cell essential fatty acids balance test. The test uses a blood droplet sample from your fingertip to analyse your Omega 6:3 balance and the level of your anti-inflammatory functioning.

What to expect in your follow-up

Approximately 2 weeks after collection of your blood droplet sample, when your Zinzino test has been analysed and a report emailed to you, we will contact you to discuss each aspect of your personal data. This discussion may include:

Your current diet
Calorific intake
Supplement use
Lifestyle (e.g. physical exercise, home/work patterns, sleep, etc.)
Physical/fitness needs




15 minutes for test

30 minutes virtual follow-up post-analysis

Zinzino Vitamin D Test

Find out about your body’s current Vitamin D levels using a blood droplet sample from your fingertip. Vitamin D is vital for optimal immune functioning and recovery from exercise.

Omega 6:3 Cell Health Balance Test and Vitamin D Re-tests

Typically, we advise re-testing 120 days (around 4 months) after your initial/previous test. This provides sufficient time for complete red blood cell turnover, cell reproduction, and lifestyle changes to take effect. We offer repeat tests at a discounted rate (conditions apply).




15 minutes for test

15 minutes virtual follow-up post-analysis

Nutrition/Dietary Analysis

We can review your current, typical nutrition habits over a weekly period and identify areas for optimising dietary change. These changes may be for weight management, exercise or sports performance.

See our additional health testing services:




60 minutes

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