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Piezowave2 Focused Shockwave Therapy

Optimise injured tissue recovery.

PiezoWave2 Focused Shockwave Therapy

M20 Health offers the latest technology for focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy (f-ESWT) using the PiezoWave2 system, the only direct f-ESWT on the market.

f-ESWT allows precision of injury treatment and stimulation of tissue repair mechanisms at the cellular level.


£80 per session
£300 per 4 sessions


30 minutes

What does f-ESWT do?

Pinpoints the painful tissue
Reduces localised pain
Stimulates new blood vessel growth
Promotes tissue healing and regeneration
Targets chronic, stubborn injuries.

The PiezoWave2 is used for the treatment of:

Tendinopathies (e.g. Achilles, golfers and tennis elbow, patella tendon)
Muscle tears
Ligament tears and joint restrictions
Bone stress issues
Myofascial injuries (e.g. plantar fasciopathy)

Client testimonial

My recovery from injury has been progressing very well with use of the Shockwave acoustic pressure equipment at M20 Health.
MT, Client

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