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Align your Thoughts, Align your Goals, Achieve your Performance

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Your goal might be to improve your lifestyle through adherence to exercise or to improve your athletic performance. Either way, ‘Performance’ is the word. My role is to support you as an individual or your team to address potentially stressful areas of life and reduce the barriers in order to optimise mental and emotional well-being, which will ultimately enhance athletic, team or lifestyle performance and overall success.



What to expect from sessions:

Performance Enhancement: Discussions around how to improve mental skills, such as concentration, confidence, and motivation. They help athletes set and achieve performance goals, manage anxiety, and develop pre-competition routines.

Stress Management: Working through techniques to cope with challenges to reduce anxiety.

Team Dynamics: Promote positive team cohesion and communication.

Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery: Develop mechanisms to help cope with injuries, surgeries, and rehabilitation and adherence. They help maintain a positive mindset during recovery and facilitate the psychological aspects of healing.

Mental Toughness: Developing mechanisms to build resilience through adversity, stay focused under pressure, and bounce back from setbacks.

Goal Setting: Discuss realistic and achievable goals.

Self-Confidence: Building and maintaining self-confidence

Performance Analysis: Observation of athletic performance on-site and provide feedback on psychological aspects that can be improved, working  closely with coaches and trainers.

Mental Health: Discussing wider mental health issues, including referral if needed.


New Patient – £60

In Person – £60

Online – £55


60 minutes

Please note:
The first session is always in-person and will take place at the Northern Tennis Club.

We reserve the right to apply preferential rates under certain criteria (Northern club membership, recognised pathway or elite programme, certain charities, multiple sessions, are some examples). Please enquire by clicking the button below

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